Are You A Foodie? Trivia!


Vero Beach Restaurants is rolling out a whole new section to“Are You A Foodie? Trivia!” Now, you can test your culinary knowledge with fun culinary trivia and find out if you have what it takes to call yourself a Foodie.

This month We added the ALL NEW Champagne Quiz“Don’t Pop Your Cork.” Take this 10 question challenge and see if you can get a perfect score! Win the highly prized Champagne Challenge Banner to proudly display in your blog or website. Show it off to your co-workers, friends and family and be the talk of the town, the envy of others and the ultimate Foodie of the year. Gain all the prestige and recognition YOU deserve. Men will want to be you and woman will want to be with you and everything will be perfect with your world! Well maybe that’s a stretch, but it should be fun to try to fill the bottle with each correct answer.

Check it out, it’s just a click away!

And be sure to check back for new trivia challenges to come.


VBR Maitre’d

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