Vero Beach Restaurants New Design

Now that the dust has cleared we are excited to announce the redesign of! We’ve updated the look and feel of the site and added great new features that help build participation. What are these new features you ask? Well the one that we are most excited about is the all new, easy-to-use, User Reviews and expect it will be a great addition to the website and for readers. Now, you can read editorial reviews AND jump right in and let your inner-critic out.

The new user review feature allows you to submit a review of any of our local restaurants. Easily select a 1 to 5 star rating for cuisine and service and write a little review if you wish. Tell everyone what YOU think and get involved in the culinary chatter in our town… it won’t hurt a bit!

User reviews are displayed right under the restaurant details AND the newest comments are displayed on every page so you can see all the latest user reviews. It’s all about you… Doesn’t that feel good?

Be sure to check out the new design, kick the tires and tell us what you think. And, most importantly, get involved. We review, you review, we’re all happy!


VBR Maitre’D

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